JOFO in the RING Podcast


April 14, 2021

On the 50th Episode of Jofo In The Ring we had the privilege & honor to sit down with a great Canadian & a big INSPIRATION in what we do every single day in the podcast world, The Host of his YouTube show INSIGHT, 4 time Emmy award winner & from Pickering Ontario Canada CHRIS VAN VLIET His YouTube channel continues to grow every day with over 285, 000 Subscribers & over 97 Million Views on his YOUTUBE CHANNEL he truly is living the Canadian Dream His love for Wrestling is well known He has interviewed the likes of Chris Jericho, The Rock, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, The Bushwackers, Sabu, Sam Roberts, Britt Baker & The List Goes On 0:00​ Here We Go 5:00​ who is Chris Van Vliet 8:00​ getting chopped by shawn spears of aew 11:00​ hitting the ropes 16:00​ training at wrestling school and getting his degree 19:00​ the epiphany he had his last year of university 21:00​ chris jericho was jeremys 1st interview as a journalist 22:30​ what are the tools for success what's the path to get there 24:00​ lied and talked his way into a meeting as an intern 26:00​ how he paid his gas to get to his job 27:00​ left to the usa after he couldnt find a job in canada 41:00​ whats it gonna take for jeremy to rub shoulders with promoters 43:00​ Balboa Bakery 44:00​ struggle to make it in the usa for wrestlers 46:00​ whats a co pay? when you go to the hospital 47:00​ fan question playable character in a video game, will it happen 49:00​ full time in aew in the future as an announcer 49:40​ marvez vs van vliet who you got 50:00​ is chris van vliet a ufc fan? 54:00​ all time favorite ufc fighter? 55:00​ gsp vs khabib? 56:00​ ufc talk- favorite matches 1:01:00​ chris van vliets favorite interview he had on his shows 1:02:00​ worst interview he has had 1:03:00​ how he got into pro wrestling back in the day 1:06:00​ chris van vliet would love to have kane one day on insight 1:07:00​ whats next for chris van vliet 1:10:00​ bushwackers internet connection who had the better internet connection between the 2 1:12:00​ walking like a bushwacker 1:13:00​ chris's mount rushmore of pro wrestling 1:17:00​ light at the end of the tunnel Follow Chris Van Vliet On All Social Media Platforms Youtube Channel​ Instagram​ Twitter​ Facebook​ #CHRISVANVLIET​ #INSIGHT​ #WRESTLINGISLIFE​ #CHRISVANVLIETINISIGHT​ #WRESTLEMANIAWEEKEND​ #WRESTLEMANIA​ #CANADIANPODCAST​ #WRESTLINGPODCAST​ CHRIS VAN VLIET INTERVIEW | INSIGHT | JOFO IN THE RING #50 🚨HELP US HIT 1000 SUBSCRIBERS! 🚨 Here on YouTube Subscribe to our Channel:​ - Subscribe to Our podcast on any platform:​ 🚨-Get Some JOFO ITR t-shirts & merch:​ 🚨-Email us: 🚨-Follow us on Instagram:​ 🚨-Like us on Facebook:​ 🚨-Follow us on Twitter:​ 🚨Donate To The Team Leave a tip -​ 🚨 Follow us on TIK TOK:​ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - WATCH - LISTEN - DOWNLOAD - YOUTUBE -SPOTIFY -APPLE PODCASTS

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